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Animal Print Fabrics: Fabrics With a Long History and a Wide Range of Color Palettes

Animal print fabrics seem to be in and out of fashion for the past decade and a half. Every year and each season, animal print fabrics seem to be everywhere and in style. And let's be honest, animal print fashions have always been cool and in vogue, and 10 years down the line you'll still be wearing them! But, what exactly is so alluring about these animal print fabrics?

There are several different factors that make up the attraction of animal print fabrics. Perhaps the most recognizable animal print fabrics are those made with poplin fabric. Poplin fabric is a soft, lightweight fabric that has been widely used in children's, women's and even men's clothing for many years.

The attraction to poplin fabric lies in the fact that it is quite easy to care for. While it is a bit more delicate than cotton and wool blends, the ease of the cleaning makes it suitable for both petite and large sized garments as well as everyday wear. In addition to being easy to clean, poplin fabric also has a subtle, natural appearance that goes well with any color scheme and really makes the appearance of animal print fabrics pop.

Another appealing aspect of leopard-print fabrics from this shop fabric online is the fact that they are quite inexpensive when compared to other materials such as silk or satin. Although many luxury brand name fabrics are quite expensive, these affordable animal prints fabrics are a great option for savvy shoppers who want to dress with sophistication while paying less. Because of their affordability, these fabrics can easily be purchased in bulk amounts, resulting in large savings when compared to what you would pay for similar apparel in a boutique store. This practicality also gives shoppers an added benefit of saving money, especially during the holiday season. Shopping during the holiday season is a great way to find discounts on everything from winter coats to evening gowns.

Leotards are one of the most popular pieces of apparel that are made from animal tie dye fabric. While a basic leotard will usually only have small amounts of animal-print fabric, it is possible to create more complex designs with multiple colors of fabric. By using multiple colors, you can create a one of a kind look for yourself or team a leotard with a halter or tank top. The key to creating the most unique and interesting design is to use several different shades of the same color. For instance, if you are shopping in a department store, try walking around for a minute or two and watching how each of the walls is painted a different shade of blue. This simple technique can help you achieve some of the most unique designs and eye-catching combinations.

There are endless ways that you can incorporate animal print into your wardrobe. Whether you are interested in buying an animal print fabric for yourself so that you can wear it during the colder months or shopping for a special occasion, there are many different ways that you can be creative and have fun. From animal print blankets to throw pillows and curtains, there are countless things that you can do with this type of fabric. Because of its vibrant colors and rich textures, animal print fabrics are the perfect accent to any room, whether you are looking to create a contemporary look in your bedroom or living room or even find the perfect dress for an upcoming event. Look for more facts about fabrics at

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